Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: November 2008

I Choose Hopeful!

It's 3:45 AM and here I sit ... thinking, thinking, thinking!   Thinking too much no doubt!  Yesterday I got a call from a friend, another agent, she called to tell me that a mutual customer of ours shot himself ... dead ... couldn't take the stress anymore.  He left behind a wife of many years, grown children, and grandchildren. 

This gentleman and his wife were two weeks away from completing their dream home.  Apparently they lost money in the stock market, probably retirement accounts, and lost equity in their real estate, (like everyone else in the whole nation) and he couldn't take it any more so he decided to check out.  Why? 

In our small community there is a young boy who suffered an extreme head trauma from a wood cutting accident a couple of days ago.  He's lying in the hospital fighting for his life and the whole community is rallying to support him with the slogan "We Believe" being plastered all over car windows, homes and the internet.  

Both of these situations are very tragic ... my heart goes out to each family and my prayers are that the both find comfort. 

 The lesson I've gleaned from the last 24 hours is that, "I Choose Hopeful!" 

Faced with the reality of making the decision, "Hopeful" is better! 

As we enter this Holiday Season ... Let's All Choose "Hopeful"! 

Let's all "Believe"! 

Let's direct our thoughts toward "Renewal and Recovery"! 

Let's make a conscious decision to change our collective course toward the brighter and higher path.

Let's decide to make a change for the better!    

Comment balloon 11 commentsLisa Wetzel • November 27 2008 05:54AM
I Choose Hopeful!
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