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6 Things Coaches Do To Facilitate Lasting Change and Increase Profitability

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Part 4 of 6

Paradoxically, coaches often help people become more efficient by getting them to do less. In a book called Working Ourselves to Death, Diane Fasel writes that people who put in the most effort “are not the best producers in terms of efficiency and creativity.”
Instead, the most successful individuals are the ones who strike a comfortable balance between their work and personal lives. Many clients I work with grapple with trying to do too much, and wind up feeling trapped by their current circumstances. Typical scenarios include trying to meet unrealistic deadlines, being on the job “24/7,” feeling paralyzed by too many urgent demands, and fearing that pushing back will result in income loss.
Experience shows that when people decide to say no to excessive demands (self-imposed or not) and re-prioritize according to what brings them a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, the conditions of their lives improve, almost “magically.”
The key is…you must really want to improve your life. Coaches prepare people to let go of the old to make room for the new.

Are you ready?

John Alexandrov, CEO
Real Estate Inner Circle

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Take a look at this wonderful post! We highly recommend John Alexandrov as A Business/Life Coach.. and as our friend! We encourage you to take a look at what The Real Estate Inner Circle has to offer! Click Here to view his website and enjoy!… more
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