Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: My Wife Really Got My Goat

My Wife Really Got My Goat

An Earlier Blog that Jimmy posted ... I couldn't resist this goaty tale!  Of course it will end happily ever after!

There I was, busy with a Buyer going over the homes we were about to go look at when I am told my wife was calling and must talk to me.  She is my team partner, a licensee, and she knew I was with a Buyer so I figured it to be important.  I took the call.  She starts telling me about the goats a local lender had rescued ... something she had talked about the day before and we kibashed since we already have four goats.

She went on ... another agent is taking the two pygmy goats, but there is a standard goat.  Could she have it?  I could hear the baby browns batting over the phone.  I thought/knew I was being set up as I was with a buyer and she knew it.  Then came the rest of the story.

Our lender friend found these three goats at a home that was foreclosed on.  They had no food or water.  He took them and nourished them, but can't keep them.  He's looking for a home, and our other friend wanted one to help with the weeds and for her kids (sic) to play with.  My wife told her that it was best to take the two pygmies so they would have a buddy, but that left one.  I'll be getting a new goat in a day or two and am glad to be part of the rescue. 

The animals and children are the innocents in this economic experience and should be protected.

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