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Ethnic Nevada Lives

Gotta share these real "Nevada Photos"  Sheep in the desert is not something you see everyday!



We were on our way to Smith Valley to preview a property when I noticed something out of the ordinary onSheepherder wagon on hillside - sheep in foreground a distant mountain.  A small white object ... not natural.  I looked around and, sure enough, there on my left was a sheepherder and his dogs.  The white spot was his wagon.  I looked about and there they were ... sheep in the desert

 Can you see 'em?They certainly blend in as you can see from the pictures.  Nevada used to have a lot of sheep, but not so much anymore with the imports opened up.   Our heritage is based on mining and agriculture.

 They blend in so well how does the shepherd count his flockThey count the black sheep.  There is about one black to 100 white sheep.  Instead of counting every head they count the blacks and call it good.  See the ratio of black to white sheep - its how shepards count their sheepSee the 3 blacks in our pictures?  There were, indeed, about 300 sheep in the flock we saw.Fresh Sheared Mamas and Their Babies

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