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Agents - Don't Get In The Way Of Your Customers' Desired Outcome

This is a greatpost!  We recently encountered this and it was not pleasant!  As agents we need to facilitate not block our customers efforts!

Once in awhile you'll encounter an agent that is controlling or controlled by the customer.  This typically occurs when the agent doesn't know the answers to the customer's unreasonable demands, or is enamored with the outcome of the transaction ... they are attached to the outcome and have lost their objectivity.  Both situations will cause stress in a transaction because the normal flow, interaction, candor, and effort to mitigate the differences to a common goal - a successful close of escrow on terms and conditions acceptable to both parties - are lost.  Trust evaporates and all parties are left with an unsettled feeling about things. 

Agents shouldn't get in the way of their customer's desired outcome.  We are there to assist our customers in achieving their goals and objectives.  If you encounter an agent causing difficulties, stay the course if you want to complete the transaction, but remember not to capitulate from your minimum standards and don't let their efforts to manipulate or dominate you ruin your spirits or your customers' appreciation of the property or sale. 

An agent should be firm in their resolve and focused on the customer and his interests.  The right thing occurs when you have a good team, agents & client, and everybody knows the "Game Plan".

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This is an excellent post and thanks for bringing to my attention

your friend in Charlottesville Virginia!

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