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Do You Have A "Boot" Camera

Good thought Jim ... I needed to take a picture today and my chip was still in my computer, not in my camera!  Not very efficient!  Great Post!

There are few frustrating things in life than having a shot and no camera.  I shot professionally before real estate and I remember the shots I missed, the proverbial "one that got away", more than the shots I got.  Now that I am in real estate I look for different shots. 

As I travel throughout my beautiful Valley I look for things to put on my website to show people the natural beauty of our environs.  That means sunsets, sunrises, wildlife, landscapes, etc.  How frustrating it is when I don't have a camera!  I've cured that frustration with a "boot" camera.  Just as a policeman may have a boot gun backup, I have a "boot" camera - one in my business pack and another in my truck.  Little digital cameras that I keep charged.  Whatever happens, I can stop and record it. 

It's hard to find the time to go our and shoot when the light is good, be in the right place at the right time, or to backtrack to a scene to get a picture.  Have the camera with you and be ready as you cruise through your daily routine.  You'll pick up wonderful pictures throughout the months and years that will serve you well.  It also keeps your eye keen at looking at your surroundings and appreciating them everyday. 

Here are some on the fly shots.     fall cottonwoodsharrowbedjobs peak

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