Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: My Wife Really Got My Goat ... Follow Up

My Wife Really Got My Goat ... Follow Up

Jimmy - wrote another one about the goats! 

Yes! Buster has become a real family favorite!  


I blogged about our rescue goat a couple of weeks ago ... before we got him, My Wife Really Got My Goat ... Now He's Home.  Blogged once after he came home to introduce you, but we've gotten to know him better since then My Wife Really Got My Goat ... Now He's Home

His is a really sad story, a foreclosure-abandoned rescue.  Buster, as we call him, is a very special animal ... very, very special.  He has clearly been around people and treated very well. 

He interacts with kids, dogs, chickens - anything is just fine with him.  He is guarded at first, but ends up rubbing his head against those he likes - a goat thing.  He loves people.

He's wrecked havoc on our trees - he's much taller than the pygmy goats we have and he can reach a lotbuster snacking on a tree higher.  He loves to eat the trees ... and anything else he can wrap his lips around.  We tried letting Buster and the other goats out in the pasture to eat some of the weeds that the horses didn't eat.  He was keen on getting out...a goat thing.  He escaped to the road ... with Angel, a rescue pygmy of ours.  Got them back after they stopped traffic and the neighbors called while the wife was busy gathering them.  Then they immediately escaped the pasture into the garden.  Okay since nothing is planted yet ... except the fruit trees that they enjoyed.

Buster is palling around with Angel - they are our two rescue goats.  They are also the adventuresome ones.  Buster pulls a tree branch down from on high and Angel eats the leaves on the end that is close to the ground.  Its fun to watch the teamwork, but tough on our trees.

Buster is such a love that he runs to or follows closely any human that comes near him.  Clearly he was once loved.  This is a rescue from a foreclosure property where he was left with his two pygmy goat buddies.  Our friends took the pygmies and we took Buster.  The pygmies are as sweet and loving as Buster according to our friends.  Clearly they were loved ... and probably still are.  Money caused a break up of their family and we are blessed with his presence, but surely they are missed by their previous owners. 

We love Buster, our kids love buster, and our grandkids love Buster - he's a family favorite already.  My mom even loves Buster who she met Sunday at her 88th Birthday celebration.  We had no expectation of such a lovely animal when we agreed to the rescue, but we've already benefited from our relationship and I'm sure we will all continue to do so as he is so very special.

I love it when my wife gets my goat ... in a literal sense that is!

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