Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: Being Mindful of Our Reputation Online

Being Mindful of Our Reputation Online

Timely advice for anyone in the blogging world!

A very successful young woman treated all who worked under her like they were less than. She was mean and did not care who she hurt with her demanding haughty demeanor and words.  All the office workers talked behind her back and everyone was in on letting each other know when ‘her highness' arrived in the office.

Long story short, she was in a bind and her whole life was in jeopardy because she was from Canada but violated her Visa. She threatens her assistant that he'll be without a job too if he doesn't marry her so he agreed. During the course of meeting her soon to be ‘in laws' she discovers what it's like to be in a real family (her parents died when she was young) and what it's like to love and be loved.

Last weekend we went to see the movie "The Proposal" and the whole story was hilarious from beginning to almost the end.  In the end, she left his parents home and went back to New York without marrying and on her way back to Cananda.

He followed her and met back up with her in the office

..... and you'll have to go see the movie to find out the ending!

In the course of my life I have run across many people who became successful and trampled on everyone once they got to the top. They forgot who they really were.....where they came from. Bottom line...they let it get to their head.

A successful person (no matter how much money or fame acquired) amounts to nothing if they affect everyone around them in a negative way. All that fame and fortune does not fill that void that the person may have if all they care about is everything outside self.

I will remember where I came from.

None of us made  it to the top overnight (depending what your "top" is)

I choose not to lose respect from any for the sake of a written word.

I will continue to be aware....of how I affect other people.

It's the nature of our business to be mindful online.

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