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Whose on 3rd?

For Gail - and all the members!  Here's a great post about the juice of Activerain

I have sat comfortably in the 3rd place position here in Austin and Travis County Texas on Active Rain for some time now.   Actually since Donna Harris relocated here from the Dallas area, (Donna is a good addition to our area and I love to read her post about her gorgeous little girl).

So, I do not mind being 3rd.  Jason Crouch is first with a megaton of points somewhere over 500,000 and Donna is second with about 450,000 of course these are not exact numbers, but close,  so here I am, comfortable in my little corner of the world doing my thing, blog posting, commenting, laughing and crying with my fellow Rainers.

Along comes my good friend Betina Foreman, Betina and I used of have cubby-offices across the hall from each other until I moved brokerages in January.  I thought it was awesome that I could share my adventures in the Rain with Betina.  Now she is nearly 3 putting me 4th.  OK.   we can go back and forth, no biggee.

Now complicate the picture, here comes Tim Moncrief, now Tim has a long standing blog here in the Rain but he wasn't Active... until a few months ago.  Thats OK.. .he is a successful Realtor® and turns out he is a successful blogger too.  I never met Tim in person but almost feel like I know him from his posts.

So one day my Internet went out, a big ole ugly lightening strike in our area wiped out all our wireless systems in the house.  (It was during a time of some family tragedy and was not of #1 Priority to get the wireless fixed the next morning).  It was actually more than a week before all was back online in my house.  So I see now, the comfortable 3rd place I had held for some time is gone. 

Everyday it's ... Betina, Tim, Gail... or wait, its Tim, Gail, Betina, now its Gail, Betina, Tim,  now this is making me dizzy.  I am sure that Tim and Betina are just as dizzy and wondering WHOSE ON 3rd NOW?

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