Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: Real Estate Sales Wisdom in a Drumstick® Ice Cream Cone

Real Estate Sales Wisdom in a Drumstick® Ice Cream Cone

This is a very innovative post from Tom Ferry.  I have had the pleasure of coaching with tom!  He has amazing insight and perspective.  Enjoy!


Summer’s here and in my house that means Jr. Lifeguards daily, tons of sand and sunscreen, loads of pool time and family barbeques, complete with ice cream.

The other night my sons and I were enjoying one of those classic ice cream treats called “Drumsticks”. You know the ones … Peanut pieces on top of vanilla ice cream, swirled with chocolate in an old fashion sugarcone. (I forgot how good they were …!!!)

So as Michael, Steven and I were enjoying our final bites, my youngest Steven piped up and said, “Daddy, you know why I love eating these?”

“Tell me" … I said.

My little dessert connoisseur said, “Because they taste really good, but my favorite part is the bottom. In your final bite, you get that big piece of chocolate. That’s why I like them … for that final bite!!”

He went on to say, “In no other treat is my favorite bite the last bite. Doughnuts get hot and sticky, lollipops get gloopy, and M & Ms melt by the time you get to the last few in the bag … Drumsticks are the only desert that has that perfect last bite!”

I walked away from the conversation thinking about my favorite “final bite” and then (of course!!!) to real estate … the lasting impressions that we as sales people make.

 Are we great to the client all of the way through the transaction and top off their experience with delight … or do we come on strong and then fizzle, leaving them with less than “perfect Drumstick” satisfaction?

Now stay with me here …

We should all commit to be more like the Drumstick and less like the doughnut!

Sometimes I hear consumers talk about their real estate agent experience and they complain … why? They tell me how great the agent was in the beginning as they were working to get the listing agreement signed, but then towards the end, the agent became distant and not so ‘sweet’. The consumer walks away, dissatisfied and disappointed.

That’s no way to end a relationship!

During these Summer months I challenge you to start thinking about the impressions and the client experience you’re giving to the people who have trusted you with their biggest investment. Commit to being that agent who gives these customers 110% and allows them to walk-away from the transaction as happy and content as Steven was the other night!

Here’s to being a Drumstick … (or just a really committed real estate agent!!!)

Strategy Matters and Passion Rules!

Tom Ferry

Comment balloon 3 commentsLisa Wetzel • July 18 2009 09:53AM


Grat Post from Tom!  The Wisdom of simple pleasures!

Posted by Jim Valentine (RE/MAX Realty Affiliates) about 10 years ago

Great post, keep the experience positive - all the way to the end. Sellers want to feel like you're still with them, even if the sales process takes awhile sometimes.

Posted by Monica Bourgeau, Business Coaching (New Phase Business Coaching) about 10 years ago

Lisa- Keep rockin' in NV!

Posted by Tom Ferry (Tom Ferry-yourcoach) about 10 years ago