Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: Northern Nevada Spring Cleaning Joys And Disappointment

Northern Nevada Spring Cleaning Joys And Disappointment

Northern Nevada Spring Cleaning Joys And Disappointment 

The long winter we've just experienced in Northern Nevada and is going away slowly.  A few teaser days of Spring-like weather generates an immediate change in behavior and attitude.  Just look at all the horse trailers going up and down the road.  Seems like people are scurrying around looking for fun. 

It's that time of year to get your property ready for Summer.  Time to fire up the sprinkler system and check for leaks.  We had some unusually cold weather this winter, and any water left in the system could leave you with  broken valves or pipes.  Fix it now before you really need it and your vegetation suffers from the lack of water.  We were happy to learn that our pressure relief valves survived the winter for the first time in three years.  Two shutoff valves weren't so lucky, however - the first time ever that we lost those types of valves.  

Do you live on a roadway?  Enjoying the litterbug excrement they leave you in their self-serving indulgence of throwing their refuse out the window as they go by your property?  A little Spring effort last weekend revealed some interesting and dangerous refuse at our place.  In addition to the normal fast food and Burning the Ditch in Carson Valley ... Carson Valley Real estateliquor containers, there were some items of concern for our animals.  Broken beer bottle and cocktail glass bottoms in the pasture.  Chew cans in the pasture - with a sharp edge metal top that can hurt animals.  If the debris is so offensive as to necessitate an early exit from your car before you get to a gas station or home where it can be properly disposed of, what makes you think we want it in our pasture?  We don't.  Our animals don't.  When your throw doesn't clear the fence and your garbage sits by the roadside for the rest of society to see, they don't want it either.  Please stop littering our country roads.  People and animals live here.  

Look around the outside of your house to see how the winter affected you.  Any missing roof shingles?  Did winter storms blow dirt up against the siding that needs to be cleared away?  Are your fences intact and able to secure your pets?  Inside there's the furnace intake filter to change if you are on a Spring/Winter change rotation, windows to open and clean ... yes, clean.  It's time to stow the winter gear away while you break out the Spring/Summer recreation implements and clothing.  

Our advice:  Take the time to get Spring-ready now before the weather really breaks and you'll want to play rather than work around the house!  Open the windows and get the stale winter air out of your house - let a little Spring inside.  Do you have drainage ways on your property, i.e.- driveway culvert?  Be sure to clean them out so they are clear for spring rains and snowmelt runoff.  A simple clogged driveway culvert can have a serious adverse impact to downstream property owners - keep yours clean.  Check out your neighborhood as well. 

If there is a bank-owned property up stream from you be sure to let the listing agent know if there needs to be ditch or culvert clean up done.  If it's a short sale and they are dispirited you might help your neighbor out by cleaning their ditch for them ... and the neighborhood.  You might just give them a lift in spirits that they've needed for awhile.  For some it's easier in these trying times to be hunkered down and shut in for winter.  Lets embrace the joys of Spring and all the freshness that Spring brings - literally and figuratively this year.  Shed the gloom and share the joy.  It's contagious so infect your friends and neighbors! 

It's a little early for full Spring mode, but it's on its way and the sooner we get to Spring the sooner we can put Winter to bed.  Yes, to everything there is a season and you can't rush it, but you can sure be ready!  When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!  Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, CDPE, SFR, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, 775-781-5472., 


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