Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: Choosing An Agent in Northern Nevada ... Ask A Lot Of Questions

Choosing An Agent in Northern Nevada ... Ask A Lot Of Questions

Choosing An Agent in Northern Nevada ... Ask A Lot Of Questions 

Whether selling or buying real estate in Northern Nevada, you'll undoubtedly find the services of a Professional Real Estate Agent invaluable.  There's a reason the most savvy and successful investors always use good Agents.  Good Agents not only get the job done, they keep you safe along the way.  The art is to find a good professional Agent. 

The biggest ad, the biggest claims, or being the biggest pest does not the best Agent make.  Ads cost money, but many agents use them to simply "buy" business.  They look to attract new customers for any property, not the listing they are purporting to advertise.  If there is little or no inventory in the ad then it is clearly image advertising.  Important for business to an extent, but understand it for what it is. 

Virtually every agent is Number One at something.  There's the top producing agent types that you are seeking and then there's the qualified Number One, like "the #1 listing agent that has seven grandkids, owns a black and white dog, and two cats".  What is really important is an agent's production, and more importantly, their production for the type of property you are buying or selling.  If you want a horse property with water rights on ten acres you don't want to hire a condo specialist, and vice versa.  Yes, in our region many agents are truly diverse in their knowledge and experience and can actually professionally serve those extremes, but you must be certain for yourself that the Agent you are working with is capable. 

So how do you select an Agent?  Initially, you will have some method of introduction.  It could be a referral from a friend, an attractive ad, or an internet website.  You might just walk in the office and meet a stranger.  Once you've made contact, understand that you are both interviewing one another.  The agent should be learning about your wants and needs, what it is that you are looking to accomplish.  They should probe, ask you questions.  You, too, should be asking questions ... many questions.  Do they handle the type of property that you are looking for or selling?  What is their experience - both in real estate and in dealing with the type of property you are working with?  This is especially important if you have a need for specialty knowledge, i.e. - short sale, bank owned, water rights, floodplain, seven figure price range, ag-deferred property, remodeling, etc. 

Our advice:  Not all Agents refrain from venturing in to the unknown ... potentially at your expense.  You don't want a lawsuit to get what you want, you want good professional service.  Ask a lot of questions.  You should be able to get references from the Agent, the names and contact information for other people that had a similar situation that the Agent successfully assisted.  Learn about their business.  What areas do they work?  How many listings do they inventory?  How many listings sold?  How many short sales have they closed?  What is their typical List Price:Sales Price ratio?  While asking your questions observe the answers closely.  Are they appeasing you, or are they heartfelt.  

One of the most important things you should look for in an agent is that they will work for your interest, not theirs.  It is your real estate... they are facilitating your transaction.  Some let their preferences, or needs, get in the way of the customers' which can cause you to miss your ideal opportunity.  Don't be a victim to a self-serving incompetent agent - it's your money on the line!  We're proud of our work and Our References.  The other good agents are as well.  Find the good ones - you deserve it. 

Real estate is truly a people business.  The real estate itself is what it is, but the people involved make the difference in the success of the transaction, Buyers, Sellers, and Agents.  Evaluate the people you are dealing with so your best deal is made for you and your family.  When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!  Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, CDPE, SFR, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, 775-781-5472.,


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