Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: As A Home Buyer in Northern Nevada ... Keep Your Eye On The Goal !

As A Home Buyer in Northern Nevada ... Keep Your Eye On The Goal !

As A Home Buyer in Northern Nevada ... Keep Your Eye On The Goal !

Real estate is personal, it's about what your wants and needs are.  Despite what you read, see, or hear in the media, or at the water cooler, be sure to understand that those comments may, or may not, apply to you.  What do really want?  If we all had the same wants we'd all drive the same car, wear the same clothes, and live in the same two story home. 

Your real estate endeavors are really about you ... and only you.  It doesn't matter what your neighbor did, or what somebody in Timbuktu did, it's about your wants and needs and your ability to achieve them.  Think about it - you meet with your agent and tell them what you want.  Sometimes you tell them what you need, but do you ever tell them what you really want ... your dreams?  Isn't your goal to live your dream?  Share your optimum goals with your agent, how you envision your life in your new home, and how your life will be.  You will be amazed how much quicker your dreams will become reality. 

This applies to Sellers as well as Buyers.  As you contemplate your sales process, consider the probability of your sale, how your move will go, and the benefits afforded to you by the sale of your property.  Forget the price that you didn't get four years ago, what counts now is what you are doing now.  If your goal was to sell then you would have.  If your goal is to sell now ... you will.  Look past price ... to your real goal in selling.  The bigger/smaller house, new neighborhood, or the debt relief.  Whatever it is, it will be, if you focus on what it is you really want to result from your sale. 

Your agent will find you a property, or get yours sold, in accordance with your desires.  It is important that you know what those are and that you convey them to your agent.  A good mix of your input with the services and perspective of a good agent can produce miracles.  Think about the details of your vision - the dog pen, the color of the granite, the neighbors, the flowers, cash in pocket before you move out, clean inspections, friendly counterpart in the transaction - Buyer or Seller, etc.  Don't get paralyzed by the minutia causing you to miss a good opportunity, but likewise, don't be surprised if it becomes a reality in your life because your had it as a goal.  If you have twenty specific items that you want in your new home, or in the sales process of your present home, and you get eighteen of them, you are much better off than if you had three and got two.  You are truly getting much more of what you want in your life, achieving more of your personal goals.  

Our advice:  The only thing that counts in a real estate transaction is you ... your wants and needs.  As you look at the real estate market, be sure to consider what you are looking to achieve before you respond to rumors, media goings on, and your neighbors' experience or philosophy.  Despite the many media stories, neighbors' hype, or any other influencing factor that may cause you to make an emotional decision, be strong and steady in your decisions for your real estate benefit.  Your agent will help you with perspective, but your agent isn't living in the house you are buying or selling.  Take the information, process it, and live for you. 

There are many factors that affect your ultimate happiness.  Prioritize them and work towards those most impactive on you.  Decide accordingly and you'll be happy with the results.  

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