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Country Living in Northern Nevada

Why is all this farm equipment on the road ... shouldn't they have to move at night?

Welcome to Carson Valley and all its charm. The farm equipment moving down the highway this time of year helps to make the Valley what it is. A farmer moving a swather or harrowbed from field to field is actually fun to watch. They must move the equipment from field to field during the day and night as their schedule and the schedule of nature dictates. This is what makes the Valley green and maintains the open spaces you enjoy.

Most of the roads in the Valley are secondary agricultural roads. They were designed and built to carry occasional traffic and farm equipment. The traffic we see on them today was inconceivable when they were built. That not only makes for tight quarters when you see a swather on the road, but it also contributes to unexpected traffic flows at times. There aren't traffic lights to break up the now-seemingly-constant flow of traffic. That is resulting in people having to enter the traffic with less lead time than before. If somebody is entering traffic ahead of you and you have to slow to allow them to enter please think before you react. You can honk your displeasure at somebody having the audacity of pulling out in front of you, or you can understand that it is a growing pain and you might be in their shoes next week and would appreciate the consideration of the driver letting you in to the traffic flow. Let's leave the honking to the city, folks, and understand that we all need to get somewhere. Common courtesy.

Our Advice: Appreciate the agricultural heritage of the Carson Valley if you live here. The local farming was started to support the mining industry located elsewhere in the region. There are but remnants of it now, and those people are doing what they can to work with the incredible influx of people that has occurred over the past 20 years. Appreciate the farming you see now for, economics being what they are, you might not always see it. Farm equipment is very expensive and the price paid for crops hasn't gone up much accordingly. It is more of a way of life than a real profit center. Enjoy the results of this way of life - the beauty of the fields, the big equipment moving and working, the seasonal farming activity changes, the peace of working with the land. The more you relate to it the more you will enjoy where you live. It is a major part of what makes living here special.

Just like the zoo - who's watching who? Watch the farmers play and understand ... they are watching you, too. They are inevitably considerate to your needs when they see you around. It's easy to coexist when you respect one another and one another's needs. Do your part and your life will be that much more joyful.

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