Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: Do you need a business coach?

Do you need a business coach?

Business Coaching ... Is it Necessary?                                                                                   

In a word, "No!"

Business coaching isn't necessary if your career aspiration is to be the National Association of Realtors "average" agent.  It's not necessary if you work in a traditional office structure where the broker and manager control your time, your activities and your income.   And, it's especially not necessary if you won't submit yourself to daily discipline and agree to be accountable for your actions.

Reality Check ... the best of the best all adhere to one type or another of formalized, structured, business coaching system.  If your aspiration is to be among the top 1% in your field, aligning with an established professional coaching organization should be the very next thing you do.

Over the past ten years, since first being introduced to formalized business planning, my partner and I have participated in a variety of coaching systems and we've had the pleasure of being coached personally by some of the best in the business.  What I've come to understand is that this is a process that has many phases.  Essentially, we're talking about the evolution of your professional career.

Based on our experience, the first logical phase of coaching is creating a structure, planning and goal setting.  Although we had been selling real estate for 20 years in a traditional office setting, our business planning coach showed us how to structure our business and plan for our success.  We changed our perspective and began to think of our career independently from our present office.  Seems simple right?  Actually, it wasn't until that point that it ever even occurred to me to think of our business as "our business" and think of myself as an entrepreneur not an employee of my broker. 

We cut the cord, focused on the creation and execution of our personal real estate business, and haven't looked back since. 

After the initial phase we graduated to more advanced and more specialized types of coaching.   Once the basics are firmly in place, you have a defined objective, created a plan to meet that objective and obtained the skills necessary to execute the plan, you can shift a portion of your time and attention to refining specific areas within your structure.  The possibilities are endless.  Over the years we have participated in specialty programs like prospecting, neuro-linguistic programming, scripts and dialog, accountability training, universal attraction, mindset, goal setting, etc. 

In choosing a business coach we've learned that each coaching program and every coach offers a new perspective and a different tool for your arsenal.  We've also learned that there is no exact right way or perfect system.  You may gravitate to a specific type of speaker or a specific organization; different personalities resonate with different coaches.  Our advice is to glean the best from each experience, keep growing, and keep learning and absolutely keep coaching! 

Comment balloon 3 commentsLisa Wetzel • September 27 2007 10:32AM


Thanks Lisa for the post. 

There are so many coaches, which many of them have never even sold a home or the last home they sold was 15 years ago.  I've decided to gravitate towards top producers and just do what they are doing. 

Posted by Wayne Miller almost 13 years ago


Define "Top Producer".  What exactly are you asipring to?  Top Listing agent of the month or 100+ closed sides per year.  Each takes a dfferent level of commitment.

My partner and I were MFO members for many years.  To this day I drive up to my dream home and think,"Thanks Mike!"  We truly would not be the successful agents we are today had we not found the MFO system when we had.

When new agents ask me how I became successful I always recommend Mike Ferry as a good place to start.  I also recommend Matthew Ferry and Tom Ferry, I've personally coached with each of them and they are wonderful.  Other wonderful coaches that I personally would recommend are Tony Dicello, John Alexandrov, Harris Real Estate University, Tim Woods, and John Furber.  Google them and see what they are about.  These are the few that I know of.  I'm certain there are many many others.

Right now my partner and I are coaching very successfully with Harris Real Estate University. . They are new to us but very good.  They were recommended to us by John Alexandrov, .  I met John at a Mike Ferry "One on One retreat. 

My opinion is that coaching is an evolutional process.  It's not a ... take a two day class and get "IT" thing!  It's an accountability thing that makes you ... "Get up and do the awful terrible thing everyday that you don't want to do but makes you money thing."  Mike calls it repetitious boredom.  This is the key! 

You are right, man trainers weren't successful agents.  "Those the can't teach."  So what?  Don't shoot the messanger.  A great surgeon may not e a good carpenter, doesn't mean he can't operate!

Who one coaches with is almost a matter of finding the system or person you resonate with - like speaking the same language.  I couldn't coach with anyone who speaks Italian - I don't understand it.  Likewise, the coaches that work for me are those that deliver the message and process I need to hear ... not want to, Need To!

I spent this past weekend with our Mastermind Group, C5 Live.  We all started out of MFO. Some members still belong.  These are superstars and all make millions and millions of dollars every year.  Everyone in the group will tell you that coaching and accountability are an iatrical part of their success. 

Posted by Lisa Wetzel, CDPE, SFR (RE/MAX Realty Affiliates) almost 13 years ago
Coaching has made a tremendous difference in my career.  I am very involved with the Buffini program, and the coaching available through them has been terrific.  I also get tons of referrals through the program, helping my business boom even more.
Posted by Mary Smartt, Smartt Moves with Mary Smartt (Lawton Associates / almost 13 years ago