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Who the heck is Salmon P. Chase?

This is very interesting and stimulating post ... perfect thing for a Monday morning!  Fun subject and fun to read!    Thanks Alan for a great one!  Everyone should enjoy!

If you pull out a fifty dollar bill (anyone have any of those?), and turn it over, do you recognize the building on the back?  I thought not.  Let's review.

There is no building on the back of the one dollar bill (George Washington on the front... d'uh!).  It is one of only TWO bills that doesn't have a building on the back... the other one being the two-dollar bill (Thomas Jefferson on the front).  It features the great seal of the U.S., and the pyramid.

The five-dollar bill (Abraham Lincoln on the front), the Lincoln memorial, now that's a building!  The Lincoln memorial serves double-duty as it also appears on the back of the penny... at least the older pennies... some of the new ones have new images on the back.  The memorial is also the site of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech in 1963.

The ten-dollar bill, c'mon... who's on the front??  can you remember??  Don't pull one out of your pocket... it's Alexander Hamilton... who was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury! NOT a president.  That's right... not a president, and he appears on no U.S. coins. So, which building is on the back?? That's right, the Treasury building!

On the back of the 20 (Andrew Jackson on the front) is a building that everyone should recognize.  1600 Pennsylvania avenue, has been host to a lot of people that American's have a love-hate relationship with. 

That ever elusive fifty-dollar bill has the U.S. Capitol on the back, Ulysses S. Grant on the front!

A hundred dollar bill?  (Benjamin Franklin on the front... also not a president!) Who remembers those?  Independence hall, the only building represented on American paper money that is NOT in Washington, D.C. (and probably why are unknown paper folder didn't use it in his little photos).


Extra Credit:  see if you can name who is on the higher denomination bills (many of which are not even minted anymore)



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I remember paper money!

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