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Buying And Selling Northern Nevada Real Estate While Traveling


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Buying and Selling Northern Nevada Real Estate While Traveling
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Buying And Selling Northern Nevada Real Estate While Traveling   


Staying in touch while buying real estate is really easy these days from just about anywhere on the planet. Between cell phones and laptops it is hard to be out of touch for any length of time. The idea of not answering the cell phone while on vacation is really appealing, but a call announcing an offer on your house, or the acceptance of the offer you made before you left town to buy a new home, can really enhance a vacation. Then you'll want to see or sign the contract.


Getting documents moved around is now amazingly simple for both sender and the recipient. We've come a long ways since the early 80's when Lisa had to drive to Reno to send an offer via "Zap Mail", a Federal Express service. After driving to Reno she waited four hours for it to return and for that convenience she got to pay $90. Zap Mail was what we now know as a FAX machine. Today even FAX machines are relatively archaic. Many FAXes today go directly to email and arrive as .pdf files enabling the recipient to receive faxes just about anywhere. Between faxing and email we get contracts delivered and returned quickly with little hassle all around planet Earth.


Email is a great way to stay in touch with your agent when you travel. Check your email periodically during your trip and you'll know what's going on with the sale of your home. You won't be unnecessarily bothered by the business of selling your home while you are vacationing unless there is a reason to be ... a delightful surprise that will add to the joy of your trip. If you get an offer, you can even sign it online via DocuSign or similar virtual signature services thus eliminating the hassle of finding a place to print out the documents, sign them, and then having to scan or FAX back.


If you are truly removed from conventional means of communication, you can keep the contracts flowing by giving a trusted family member or friend a limited Power of Attorney allowing them to sign the contract for you. Be absolutely sure they know your offer parameters and concerns.


Our Advice: Don't let the sale or purchase of a Nevada home or land  keep you from traveling. When you travel coordinate with your real estate Agent before your departure. Let them know where you'll be and what types of communication services are available to you. They can help you assess your connectability while on your trip. The cell phone is the easiest means to stay in contact - either by calling or texting. If you are charged roaming charges get the 1-800 toll-free number for your agents' office. If you aren't an email user, or aren't traveling with your laptop, call your Agent periodically, the frequency will adjust according to the length of your trip. If necessary, have your Agent coordinate with other real estate offices around the country where you can stop in to collect and return a FAXed offer.


Don't complicate or burden your trip with your real estate business, but do stay in touch. Its amazing how often an offer materializes when you least expect it. A good offer can sweeten your trip experience!   

When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!
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