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Northern Nevada Real Estate HOA Influences On Your Saleability

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HOA Influences On Your Saleability
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HOA Influences On Your Saleability


HOA influences on your saleability ... If you live in a property that is part of a Homeowner's Association, your saleability can be affected by other people. It usually isn't the neighbors for everyone is governed by the same policies and procedures. The desirability of the neighborhood is, however, greatly affected by the HOA Board and the Management Company employees, in both good and bad ways.


Some HOA Board members seem to have nothing better to do than patrol the neighborhood looking for violators. Such behavior garners a reputation for the subdivision as a place to avoid. People living in HOA neighborhoods like to live there to protect their lifestyle, tranquility and investment. They don't, however, want somebody monitoring their every move every day. Make sure you know and understand what you can do, when you can do it, and who will enforce the HOA rules. Somebody has to do it to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood, but how and what they do is critical to the harmony and enjoyment of the residents.


The Management Company is a major influence that can be overlooked. They help the HOA control its finances and duties to the membership. They deal with every member of the organization and are often the first to know of a sale in the neighborhood when they are asked for the HOA package needed to close an escrow. Their attitude towards the public has a great affect in many ways.


We were recently involved in the sale of an HOA property in which we experienced a back office Management Company employee yelling on the phone, unwilling to listen or work through the discussion matter on the phone, making decisions for the HOA that were contrary to the HOA interests, and ultimately telling us that we were "wasting my time!". That behavior will certainly be disclosed to any Buyer we have that is looking at a property managed by that company, whether in an HOA management role, or property management, i.e.- duplex or four-plex properties. Not that Buyers should anticipate disputes with the HOA, but when they occur it is important that they be worked through in a professional manner that sustains relationships.


Sellers may wonder why the property next door sold when theirs didn't. They may never know without paying attention to their management company and its attitude towards the public and the real estate Agents that it interacts with. Even though they are not a part of the HOA they are most often the face of the HOA. They are the ones that answer the technical questions, insure legal compliance, and contract and oversee the vendors providing services. The manner in which they do it affects every existing and potential property owner.


Our Advice: If you are part of a Homeowners Association vote wisely for your officers. Don't just assume because somebody wants the job that they will do a good job. Be sure to determine their agenda and qualifications. The same goes for the Management company. Those contracts can be reassigned if you aren't getting the proper service. Don't let someone with an attitude in an office somewhere ruin your chances of selling. They serve a purpose and provide a service. As with all service industries, attitude is everything.


Being part of a HOA provides comfort and security to those desiring that lifestyle. Pay attention to what is happening to your HOA to maintain the happiness you purchased so your future Buyer can buy with confidence.    


When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless! 

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HOA Influences On Your Saleability




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Lisa and Jim,

Great advice, it's all in looking closer at the details and the people that make up any HOA.

Posted by Pete Xavier, Outstanding Agent Referrals-Nationwide (Investments to Luxury) over 7 years ago