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Fences and Neighbors
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Fences and Neighbors


Fences are a critical component to most residential properties yet their important contribution to the functionality and quiet enjoyment of the property is often trivialized or overlooked by Buyers. They are built with a variety of materials and designs to serve an assortment of purposes. Some are installed only for aesthetics, to look good. Others for maximum privacy or security. Whatever the existing fence on a property you are looking at, be sure to note its condition and serviceability for your intended use.


Fences most often serve to delineate a property line, especially in concentrated subdivisions. It is easy to assume that they are built on the property line and, in smaller lot subdivisions, they usually are, but it is important to realize that fences are not always on the property line. Some property owners set their new fence inside the property line as a precaution so they don't have to move the fence if it was put in the wrong place. Some put it entirely on their property so they have exclusive say in what happens to it. Your neighbor can't modify it if it is on your property without your permission. This often happens if a neighbor won't help pay for a new fence.


Fences can be a touchy subject between neighbors. If there is no fence between your properties, try asking your neighbor if he wants to split the cost of installing one. If your fence needs replacing or maintenance, try having that same conversation. Neighbors can change their demeanor quickly when it comes to talking about money for common improvements regardless of your perception of the benefit for them.


It is a good idea to know where the corners of the property are if you know you are going to do fence work. Find the actual corner marker, not just the fence post nearby. If looking to buy, ask the listing agent or owners where the real corners are and if the fences are on the property line. They may not know, most don't for sure, in which case you might want to have the Seller identify them or provide a survey.


If you are thinking of changing or installing a fence on a property be advised that there can be restrictions or limitations as to what you can do. The County has limitations on fence heights, especially in the front of the home and on corner properties where a fence could inhibit vehicular traffic vision. Your Homeowners Association, or CC&R's may have design review guidelines or restrictions on fencing materials, height, location, etc. Some subdivisions have fence restrictions for wildlife movement. Others call out minimum height to conceal recreational vehicles or specific materials for visual consistency throughout the subdivision.


Our Advice: Need security, privacy, pet control, or ornamental fencing at your new home? Make sure the property you buy has it, or that it can be installed. Know what you can do and where you can do it before you build a fence, or buy a home with the intention of modifying the fencing to suit your needs. If you can't do what you want it can be expensive to take down the fence you built, or to sell and move to a home where you can do what you want to do to live the lifestyle you want to live.


Good fencing can add value, but more importantly it will make you feel good if it looks like you want it to look, and you have confidence that it will keep your animals contained, or serve you in other manners that you want or need. Remember to consider the many applications of fencing when looking at homes.
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Fence and Neighbors

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