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Northern Nevada Real Estate Smoke And Other Real Estate Adventures

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Smoke And Other Real Estate Adventures     

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Smoke And Other
Real Estate Adventures

Mother Nature is a wonderful phenomenon. Living in the high desert and mountains we are afforded spectacular showings of her natural splendor on a regular basis. Whether it be the fury of storms, the beauty of sunsets with spectacular clouds, or simply the natural course of seasonal weather events throughout the year, in Northern Nevada we are treated to a steady stream of natural wonderment.

Over the past few days we have seen smoke like few can remember. The density, intensity, and duration of this assault on our lungs and eyes has been impressive. One can only wonder what it is like closer to the source of the smoke considering what we are experiencing this far away. As with any natural extreme, i.e.- high heat, low cold, deep snow, flooding, etc., the people of Northern Nevada have again demonstrated their resiliency and flexibility as they have maintained normalcy in their lives throughout this situation.

It is always interesting to see the continued level of interest in real estate during such episodes. One of our friends was showing a seven figure view property the other day, and a very smoky day it was. Situated and designed as it was, the view was a major component of the value and salability of the home. With line of sight limited to a few hundred yards that day, the listing agent was asking to postpone so the home could be shown at its best when the smoke cleared. The Buyers were not deterred, however, as they had driven by the home on their bicycles and simply wanted to see the inside. The showing went on. 

Showing in the snow, smoke, or rain is a delight to seasoned Agents for they know that if the Buyer is looking in such inclement weather they are serious. If they are willing to forego some personal comforts to see the property their interest level is high. Not everybody has previewed the view of the property they are seeing as we learned this week. Showing another seven figure property with a spectacular view to view-oriented people we had to reiterate the view to be had in every direction that we were describing with the marketing photos that we had of the property. Another good showing "went down" in smoke, or, more appropriately, in spite of the smoke.

Our advice: Maintain the spirit of the West as abnormal things occur. That is, be independent, help your neighbor, be safe, protect the community, and protect real property whenever you can. You can't mess with Mother Nature, but there are times when you can help mitigate the long term affects when she acts out. When looking at property in such conditions, keep the doors and windows closed to keep the smoke out, and stamp the snow and mud off your feet. While common sense items, when you find a home you love it is easy to forget such simple courtesies as you are absorbing the home you might live in. Remember to be careful of household pets. Sometimes they are nervous in extreme weather conditions and if they escape you could have a problem on your hands.

The recent extreme influx of smoke has caused a lot of consternation in the area. Outdoor activities have been curtailed and events cancelled. While a lot of work, looking at real estate doesn't usually require a lot of exertion. In other words, it's okay to venture forth in the smoke and look at houses. If you aren't out finding your ideal home chances are your competition is. Want to see a home in inclement weather or odd environmental conditions - call your agent and enjoy the adventure!
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Smoke And Other Real Estate Adventures


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