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The Other Point Of View
The Other Point Of View
It is human nature to go through life a bit self-absorbed. When it comes to real estate this characteristic can be enhanced by circumstantial emotion to such an extent that it actually has the opposite effect. Wanting a specific result to such an extent that you are blinded to the rest of the world can prevent you from actually achieving your desired results. There are many ways this can take place.
If you are a punctual person that makes quick decisions you may find yourself agitated if the negotiations are drawn out. While it may seem like the other side doesn't care about you or the transaction, isn't respecting the business at hand and what you deem to be their obligation to sustain the transaction momentum, that is all likely just in your mind. More likely they are moving at the speed at which they are comfortable and have no idea of the consequences of their inaction on your mindset. The more you get upset the cloudier your thinking will be on the important issues.
Much more can be gained by having an understanding of and compassion for the other side's wants and needs rather than forcing your agenda down their fax machine. The better you have identified your goals the easier it will be to know how you can work with the other side to achieve theirs. What may be important to them might not be as important to you. This includes price. Everyone gets wrapped up in negotiating the sales price as a number in today's market. Put it in perspective for each side and see which has the best offset benefits to enable them to compromise their price position but not lose their overall transaction benefit. This can only be done when you take it off of you and put it on them, truly get the other point of view.
What can be so important so as to minimize a price concession? Time allowances, occupancy allowances, personal property adjustments, repair considerations, financial concessions other than price, i.e.- closing costs, owner carry, allowances, etc., emotion, i.e.- extreme desire to get in, or out of, the home/neighborhood, anticipated holding period (actually applies to both Buyer and Seller), or private personal matters. Whatever the reason, it is valid because it is the reality of the person making the concession. Understanding their circumstances and acting accordingly will help you and your counterparts get what you want.
Our Advice: If you only look at your side of the transaction, your wants/needs, you may miss out on a simple twist that you would otherwise make that would appease the other side and make things go together. There is no sense getting mad in a transaction because the other side isn't like you. Your anger could squelch an otherwise healthy opportunity to move forward with your life. Remember, the negotiations and transactions are simply a process. In that process you are brought together with other people to achieve a common goal - the conveyance of a property. Once you get past them you will either enjoy the property, or enjoy being without the property, but you won't have to tint your glasses with your counterpart's preferred tint as they will be out of your life. Grin and close it!
We are all different. If we weren't we would all drive the same car. We don't. Appreciate your differences and make them work for you, not against you. There is great power in being clear in your goals and compassionate to the other side. You can put it together, or walk away, with confidence and the knowledge that you did what could be done given the circumstances.
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The Other Point Of View
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