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Listen To Reality Not Your Perception

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Listen To Reality Not Your Perception


Communication is a wonderful thing among people. We speak and write to one another, and these days even send virtual messages via email and text. A lot of information is exchanged on a daily basis, especially in the world of real estate. Typical to the human communication experience, people interpret the message they are receiving through their own filters. They hear what they want to hear.


Add to the communication confusion the vocabulary of real estate enhanced by the emotion of the situation and you will certainly be witness to the adventures of communication in real estate. When you are involved in a transaction, or potential transaction, it is important that you clear your mind of the emotion and confusion of all of the homes you've looked at, how much you like the one you are offering on, and the other Buyers that are competing with you to get the property you want. You must be able to listen to your Agent and understand the reality of your situation. If you don't get the reality, you will only have your perception of reality which may not serve you well in the long run.


Don't listen to friends and family as they play "jailhouse" Realtor. If you are a tenant without a lease and someone tells you that you have 90 days to move out, ask them if they are from California. The laws are different there. If you rely on what you want to hear and not what is real you may find yourself in a difficult position. If you sign an "As Is" offer, but somebody tells you that the Seller has to fix things, which is real and which is the perception you wish to glean from the uninformed comments you are hearing? Only one counts in reality ... reality! The other will only serve to ultimately disappoint you.


One of the most common communication mistakes is the difference in perspective from opposing viewpoints. If a Seller tells his Agent to have a Buyer "make an offer" that is often heard by the Buyer as "the Seller is desperate". What does "make an offer" really mean? When a Buyer tells an Agent that they 'love" a home will they really end up buying it? The perception they had when they viewed it and fell in love with it can be altered by a dose of reality after they leave the property or think about circumstances pertaining to it that affect their momentary emotional attachment. Be sure what someone means if they say, "I'll take care of that." What is their standard of care? We usually use words like "workmanlike manner" to clarify those situations.


Our Advice: Make sure you are very clear as to what you mean when you say something and take every opportunity to put your communication in writing. That is why email and texting are so popular among Agents these days. Not only can they communicate on the fly, they have a record in case there is a question about the content, or even existence of, a specific communication. Areas that get vague and misunderstood between parties usually involve time, money, repairs, debris, or hassle-creating factors. Don't think you know what they mean, know it for sure and make sure they understand it the way you do.


It is okay to repeat a statement, or ask someone to repeat what they said, or what they meant after they tell you something so you understand it correctly. A little redundancy in communication in the beginning to establish the true reality of your situation will help you achieve that which you perceive you are bargaining for. Life is better when you get what you bargained for ... especially when it is in your own mind. 

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Listen To Reality Not Your Perception


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