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Tales From The Trenches
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Tales From The Trenches

It is inevitable when you bring people together from diverse lives, with diverse interests (Buyer and Seller), and sprinkle in a little Agent influence, that interesting things will occur. As you work through the selling, buying and escrow processes together it is amazing what can occur along the way to make you smile, frown, laugh or cry. It all adds up for the wonderful experience of real estate.


Often there are signs around a transaction. We were inspecting a vacant home for an out of town Seller the other day when the phone rang. It was her. Quite a coincidence. Later that same day we decided on impulse to check the home again as it had snowed and we wanted to make sure it was warm inside. On the way she called again. She had no idea that we were on our way to her house again ... or did she?


It is amazing how an inspection report can fire up emotions. We had an issue with a property that the Buyer thought would cost thousands. The Buyer quit before the bid was in, the $300 bid that the Seller paid in the AS-IS transaction. Repairs often influence a change of heart even if it isn't warranted. Another recent situation saw a Buyer bail before the Seller agreed to make the significant repairs that were found to be needed when the water was turned on the property for inspections. Once the repairs were made the Buyer returned to the property with another offer. After the emotion of letting go, and again competing in a Highest and Best situation, he ended up saving over $20,000 dollars on his purchase. A hard and uncertain way to go, but it worked for him.


Showing adventures abound. Agents just haven't shown much property in Northern Nevada if they haven't done one, or more, of the following with customers in tow: run out of gas, forgotten the key, received a traffic citation, surprised someone in their Birthday suit, surprised more than one person in their Birthday suits celebrating somebody's Birthday, driven off the road, gotten their vehicle stuck, let the dog or cat out, opened the door with the "do no open" sign on it, locked the key in the house, locked the car keys in the car, dropped the car keys in a raging creek never to be seen again, shown the house across the street - that isn't on the market, had Buyers that spend 45 minutes in each house instead of the scheduled 15-20, arrived at the last home two hours late to hear the wrath of the Seller holding up dinner, called the Listing Agent with a question about the house after the Buyer says he wants to write an offer only to hear, "We just accepted an offer five minutes ago!", Buyer wants to write and the Seller decides to keep the property, had the know it all brother in law tearing apart every home you show, and on and on it goes.


Our Advice: The life of an Agent can be a regular roller coaster ride, from slow to fast, highs and lows, zooming around trying to please their Buyers and Sellers that are often along for the ride right with them.


Things happen. Enjoy the ride. Laugh at the absurdity of it all, identify the situation for what it really is. Don't let emotion control your destiny. You can't always recover if you make a reactionary emotional decision in real estate. Look at things from multiple perspectives, and make sure you have all the facts before you make a big decision. Once Buyers and Sellers have made an agreement things change, they are of the mindset that it is going forward. If new information arises that has a financial impact it is usually easier to negotiate an equitable settlement than it was to establish the original meeting of the minds.


Real estate is an adventure. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the experience. Regardless of what happens, you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor and will have stories to tell for years to come.

When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!
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Tales From The Trenches


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