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Northern Nevada Real Estate Keeping The Homes From Blurring Together


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Keeping The Homes From Blurring Together 

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Keeping The Homes From Blurring Together



Buyers and Agents have a lot of information available to them these days. It can be overwhelming as it pours in from an assortment of sources, and often it is redundant. Working through the many details of the information pertaining to an assemblage of properties that all appear at first glance to be appealing can be tedious, frustrating, and, sometimes, scary.


Much of the frustration for Buyers today comes from the pressure of trying to sort out the properties, investigate them in a timely manner so as to be able to act on them before the competition does. With everyone aware of the strong buying competition these days most Buyers are working harder to find the properties sooner. That is all very good, but that means you are examining many homes in detail.


After studying many homes they can blur together after awhile. Sometimes the blurring is a slow process, other times it just happens - POW! There are some tricks to managing the blur so you can achieve your objective. One of the first things you can do is refer to a home that you like by a distinctive feature. When you have many properties that you are working on using a plain vanilla address type of reference gets old and confusing. Most homes have something that will separate them from the market.


Most people will remember a unique wall color, or special artwork in a home. Maybe it will be a feature that is particularly important to the Buyer such as a lift in the garage, the location, or the view. Sometimes distinctive events occur during the showing that are easily remembered, i.e.- the 13 ounce "watchdog" named Killer that didn't cease yapping, or the attack cat that jumped on the Buyer's shoulders. Whatever it is, tag that feature or memory to the house and you it will stand out with all of its other features in your mind.


It is amazing how varied the memory triggers can be, but once you catch on to the idea you will have fun. Street names often resonate with people for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is the landscaping that stands out, other times it's the shop, the baked cookies on the counter, or the cuckoo clock collection.


With all the effort you make to remember homes, it is important that you readily discard the homes from your mind that won't work. Don't let them clutter your mind or files. If it is apparent for one reason, or many, that a home absolutely won't work for you, get it gone from your life. Assign a code name for it so you can reference it as it comes back up through different sources so you can discard it quickly and not spend time or energy on it. The name should be close to the cause of it not working for you so there is no doubt about which house it is. The "blue house", or "dinky master house" will trigger what you need to discard it and move on.


Our Advice: Put humor in the mix when you can, you'll remember it longer. Instead of talking about the home with the brick wainscoting on the front elevation, remember it by the hot car in the garage, or the great smelling roast in the crockpot. An Agent will usually use key features to reference the home, features that appealed greatly to you like "the rose garden house", or the "huge master house". Of course they are closing you every time they make such a reference albeit in a subtle manner. That isn't a bad thing as you are working together to work through the available inventory to find the right home for you and your family.


Keep your codes simple, relevant, and memorable. You will find the home buying process easier, less stressful, and as fun as you are willing to make it.  


When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!
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Keeping The Homes From Blurring Together


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