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Playing Nice In Real Estate  

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Playing Nice In Real Estate


Money and emotion are in every residential real estate transaction. Either of those components can cause people to misbehave. When you combine them you have the potential for a volatile situation that can blow up under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, there are many situations in residential real estate than qualify as the right circumstances.


When a situation becomes volatile, it is important for everyone to maintain their cool. Whatever the problem, and certainly there is a problem perceived by one or both of the parties if cool is heating up, it can be resolved with discussion. The resolve may be to cancel the transaction, but that was going to happen whether or not someone acted out.


Temper tantrums don't close escrows. Agents grandstanding for their customers don't close escrows. An Agent yelling at another Agent doesn't fix the problem. Granted, the fury or stupidity of the yelling Agent is now known, but that serves no purpose other than to create hard feelings. Agents that behave that way may not care, but their clients should. They are not really advancing your cause and could cause you to lose favor or even the entire transaction that you are trying to close.


When emotion overrules logic and tempers flare, rudeness can rule the day. There are many components and phases to a real estate transaction. If the interaction of the participants contains rudeness there will be many, many rude interactions. That is a sad way to live, but it pops up now and then in the industry. True professionals will work together to resolve a problem regardless of how contentious it may be for the principals. Unprofessional behavior is usually indicative of a weak position, lack of knowledge or experience, or being afraid for a variety of other reasons.


If the repairs are $400 more than the agreed on limit, does either party want to lose the transaction over $400, or $200, or another negotiated amount? Usually not, but if someone has been acting out, playing mean, it could become a matter of principle. When that happens, the opposite of rude is exposed, stubborn. When stubborn meets rude the results are usually not favorable to all parties.


If a situation arises that isn't going to allow one of the parties to continue, no amount of yelling or rudeness will compel the party to continue on a path that is harmful to their position. Playing nice, however, often compels the other party to continue despite their deteriorated postion. Many things come in to play that can be assessed in a calm environment. Can one of the parties remedy the problem if they wanted to without too much effort or expense? Can one of the parties accept a change that is detrimental to them in one area but acceptable overall? Keep everything in objective perspective, emotion in check, and close your escrow.


Our Advice: Parties from both sides of the transaction, Buyer and Seller, should be working towards the common goal of closing the escrow. Yes, they have diverse interests, but the negotiations were to have been achieved before the escrow was opened. A signed contract comes from negotiated settlements leading to a meeting of the minds. Subsequent issues that arise may require negotiation, but the level of negotiation is usually substantially less than those at the initial encounter of the parties. Handling them in a civil manner will help everyone achieve their objective.


Play nice in real estate, you'll get much more out of it. Rolling over isn't always bad, you might just get your belly scratched.


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Comment balloon 1 commentLisa Wetzel • June 07 2014 06:45AM


You have the attitude right.

Obey the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

Posted by Than Maynard, Broker - Licensed to List & Sell - 405-990-8862 (Coldwell Banker Heart of Oklahoma) over 6 years ago