Lisa and Jim's Northern Nevada Real Estate Blog: I Really Hate Blogs with Bogus "Free" Online Offers or It's 2:00 AM and OMG Now What Am I Going To Do?

I Really Hate Blogs with Bogus "Free" Online Offers or It's 2:00 AM and OMG Now What Am I Going To Do?

First ... Let me say straight off ... I really hate the blogs that say here's a "Free" Online Something or Other Training",  that we click on only to find the real meat and the promised info, is free only IF, we sign up for their online course.  This writing isn't about free anything.  This offering is about a great new product that I found that has a minimal charge but I think you will be happy with the result!  

Last July I wrote a short blip, Its-the-P-Word-Again-P-R-O-S-P-E-C-T-I-N-G

about my new found tool that was created by my personal business coach, John Alexandrov called,  You Make The Call!  

 This is a very unique and interesting idea.  Originally I thought it was potentially good.  Now I'm here to tell you it is genuinely great.  

The premise is a double set of hypnotic CD's that you listen to daily to help you strengthen your Telephone Prospecting Muscle.  The interesting twist is that, prior to receiving the CD's you take an online test that helps identify where your weaknesses are and helps you shore up the areas that need to be reinforced. 

There are three steps.  The first is the online test, it determines your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to generating new prospects for you business via telephone prospecting. (I hate to admit that this is true but, in these interesting times, the fact of the matter is ... those of us who are going to survive are going to do it with real hard work. There are no magic solutions and none of us will be able to advertise out way out of this market.)  

Once the online assessment is complete and analyzed, the second step is a powerful hypnotic CD that addresses our all too common emotional problem of over coming the, "2:00 AM OMG Now What Am I Going To Do?"  Sleepless nights that are so inherent in our business.  This CD has been very powerful for me personally.    

On those occasions I play the CD through and set "repeat" so that it is subtly sounding in the back round and if I do have a sleepless night it quickly directs my mind back into the space I want it to be and I easily drift back to sleep. 

The third step is a special recording that is fitted to your specific needs and weakness ad it actively addresses the areas that you score lowest in to help overcome the avoidance techniques we all use.  

The online test and CD's are very affordable.   If you are an audio junky like me, you will want these ASAP. If you want a more structured program there is a 6 week coaching class that works you step by step through the process with tips and guidelines to help you employ the system.   

However you decide to employ these tools I suggest you investigate  You Make The Call!  With my personal coach, John Alexandrov, and decide for yourself. 

For additional information check out his website,  The Money Chi and the Real Estate Inner Circle .  Try the Money Chi game, it's free and lots of fun!  He also offers a trail "One on One" Coaching call that I think most everyone would benefit from. 

Jim and I personally know John Alexandrov and recommend his coaching programs 100%.   We are 32 year real estate veterans and have enjoyed a good measure of success in this crazy business.  Business coaching has played a major part in our success and we highly recommend the organized defined systems of working this business that coaching brings to anyone who wants to succeed as a real estate agent.  John Alexandrov's system and The Money Chi and the Real Estate Inner Circle   are not the only coaching alternative available today but we can confidently say, "They are one of the best!"  Count On IT!

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